Thanks for your interest in Homefield Organic Food Company. We are a grocery delivery service that focuses on providing the highest quality, certified organic foods available. We carry a wide selection of produce as well as many grocery items. Our focus is to work with local producers as much as possible and we deliver right to your door.

After you have joined we will send you a notice each Friday that the grocery listing has been updated and we are ready to take your order. You then have until Monday at noon to place your order, and we deliver on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your location. On your delivery day, we require you to leave a large cooler in a pre-arranged location at your home or business. Just leave your payment (cheque/cash) in the cooler and we will replace it with your order.

There is a $25.00 minimum order and a $5.00 packing and delivery fee. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Click the "This Week" button to see the items we are presently carrying.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Info@HomefieldOrganics.com.